Legalities: The Final Battle

Last time, I detailed my efforts at attempting to prepare the bus for recognition by the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) as a Motor Home.  Now the final act. I spent the time to remove most unnecessary material from the… Continue Reading →

Legalities: Part 3

Last time I talked briefly about the requirements to register my school bus as a motor home in Arizona. First, any vehicle with seating for 14 persons or more is automatically classified as a commercial vehicle.  This comes in to… Continue Reading →

Legalities, Part 2

After some unexpected suggestions from a friend to evaluate the “Policy Requirements” as a “Minimum Set” rather than “Finished set” of conditions, I realized that I might have the opportunity to make some progress. So, lets look at these: First… Continue Reading →

ISDC 2017 – St Louis, Here I Come

I have watched from the distance each year as the International Space Development Conference came and went, often with some really great announcements, and visitors.  This year, I submitted an abstract describing my work on “Developing Sustainable Biomes”.  First the… Continue Reading →

The Bus: Legalities

Governments can never keep up with the average guy who wants to modify his bike, car, motorcycle, house … or in my case school bus.  In point of fact, there doesn’t seem to be any legislation defining requirements that would… Continue Reading →

The Bus: Seats, Seats … and more seats

With a general plan, now comes the demolition.  First up, will be removal of the seats.  Generally, they are mounted to the floor with six bolts through the floor.  Two along the wall, one front, and one rear of each… Continue Reading →

The Bus: The Plan

One of the challenges of any project is defining a plan to follow.  Often I have had the luxury of carying my plan in my head, with a modicum of success.  However this project is far to big to attempt… Continue Reading →

The Bus: Preparing to Paint

This past couple weeks have been spent preparing to paint the exterior of the bus.  First because I cannot operate a school bus … requires a special license, insurance, and safety equipment.  Not to mention, I have NOOO practice.  So,… Continue Reading →

EarthSeed .5: Full Scale Mobile Space Settlement Analog

On March 20, 2017, I acquired this 84 passenger diesel school bus.  Why for? As my new Mobile Space Settlement Analog. There will be multiple phases in its development:  First to make sure it is mechanically sound.  Second a paint… Continue Reading →

The Bus – Mechanical

A few weeks ago I purchased a school bus.  It was an as-is deal, and despite best efforts, starting the engine was not in the cards.  So I had it towed to a mechanics shop – trebidation filling my chest…. Continue Reading →

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