Slide Out Support Wheels

20141119-16-2In my original design, I thought it would be cool to have landing-gear style wheels for the slide out to ride on.  They would just drop into position when the section was pulled out, and then just before closing – be folded up inside the floor.

While the general idea was sound, I discovered two serious flaws.  First, the legs were not adjustable, creating serious consequences should I park the tiny home on uneven ground.  Second, after these many months of supporting the slide out, they have weakened and one finally collapsed last weekend.

So … in the redesign, I needed wheel-legs that would both be stronger, and adjusting – in addition to being able to fold up.  As I had to add the final boards at the bottom of the door, the idea of strengthening that board for the mounting of the new legs was reasonable.

20151016_113746 20151016_113801

The result was more than versatile.  Strong, yet functional, and the legs fold up easily.


External Coating

20150221_164544My original plan was to use the Asphalt Emulsion coating in black.  The idea was that with the black background, space-related images would look really cool. The problem is that the Asphalt Emulsion breaks down in rain.  I learned that it is designed as an undercoating.  Usually as a foundation for elastomeric roofs.  Sooooooo, down to the home improvement store I went for white elastomeric coating.

20151121_173620The white coating is designed to be applied to a flat roof.  I applied it not only to the roof, but also to the sides.  As runny as it is, I needed to apply it in thinner, and more numerous coats to get the desired effect.

I have to admit, this is a much better look than the black.  Woo hoo!