The Methodology of EarthSeed is straight forward.  Plant a seed, composed of complimentary biological units, provide the seed with six (6) months of supplies, and necessary tools, and let that seed take root.  Such a scenario is not a base, to be re-supplied a few months after arrival.  Rather it is a survive-or-die method, very similar to that applied by the Pilgrims of the 1600’s, the penal colony in Austrailia in the 1700’s, and the 1800’s westward movement in the U.S.

But understand, when we plant a garden, we do not depend on a single seed to fill our garden.  We sow rows of seeds.  So it is with the EarthSeed; there are four seeds to be planted to assure long-term growth and development.

Plan Architecture

In any proposal to move people into space, some form of plan must be set down.  At first, it must be general, but cover enough details to be able to inspire others to join in.  In the Plan Architecture we set out the basic steps we will follow to put not 2, or 4, or 6 astronauts on the moon once every couple years for 2-6 weeks at a time, but rather, 28 people will be sent to establish the lunar settlement over a two year period.  This is a survive or die scenario, though our plan is to provide the best possible chances of their success.


A plan for action must include logistics, or the steps to achieve the major goals of the plan.  Through the Logistics page we discuss the tools and processes necessary to not only get to our destinations, but the timing, and to some degree why the dream will take the time it will take.

Logistics Worksheet

A friend of mine gave me a spreadsheet a couple of years ago that I used to learn about the fuel requirements and Delta-V to just get into Earth orbit.  This last year, he showed me how that same spreadsheet could show me the scheduling, as well as fuel requirements of reaching and settling these multiple destinations.  This sheet will be our starting point in our discussion of the logistics of Human Space Settlement.  I invite you to make a copy of the sheet and do your own experiments to see what we can and cannot do.

Our Destinations

Our vision presents six (6) destinations for us to colonize.  At each destination will use the EarthSeed methodology and techniques to establish our foothold.  We will start with the Moon, then move to Mars.  After Mars, we set our sights on Jupiter’s moon Callisto, then Ganymede, and finally, out to Saturn’s moon Titan.