An annoying quality of projects is that once you start working on it, the project seems to take on a life of its own.  Priorities change, ideas come and go … and evolve.  And the bank account shrinks faster than one ever dreamed.  But … I press onward.

When I began thinking of a tiny home, I wanted it mobile.  It had to be small enough to fit on whatever trailer base I chose, AND I had to be able to get all the “other stuff” I was going to need onto that base as well.  And in the process, there have been many compromises.

But when I think back over this journey, I realize that the “cool factor” I originally thought was there, is …. SO much bigger now.  I had no idea, the evolution I was going to pass through.

From the beginning, I wanted to live in the tiny home.  It was intended to be truly tiny.  How tiny, you ask?  Forty-eight (48) square feet. Now THAT’S tiny.  But consider this; astronauts on the ISS are alloted less than that (phone booth, 9 square feet, standing room only) for their personal space aboard the ISS.

This tiny home represents a true EarthSeed, a seed to carry life anywhere; whether crossing a city, a country, or space.  So I began shopping around for all sorts of ideas to fit multiple tasks into the same space, like the desk that turns into the bed, or the garden that contains the shower, toilet, and entry door.  Not only that, but deciding how to live “off the grid” became an issue.

Ultimately, the goal is to live 90-100% off the grid, catching rain-water, producing food, recycling all my wastes, and generating all my energy needs.  Yea, right you say.

We shall see.

We shall see.