Last time I talked briefly about the requirements to register my school bus as a motor home in Arizona.

EarthSeed .5: the Bus

First, any vehicle with seating for 14 persons or more is automatically classified as a commercial vehicle.  This comes in to play when you wish to work on it at home.  City ordinances state that a private vehicle (in good condition) may be stored on a properly prepared driveway in front of your property.  However, any commercial vehicle MUST be stored in the back yard.

Bus-Seating for 84

So the first order of business was to remove sufficient seating to reduce the capacity below the 14 person mark.

Seat Removal

With the seats reduced sufficiently, now came the real challenge: Qualifying as a motor home. For this I did research on the web, and found various lists of components that were required by various agencies. Then I visited the Arizona MVD office to determine my state’s requirements. The individual did not know these requirements, so called a supervisor. The supervisor said there was a policy. The clerk then read to me from the policy.

Ok then, here is the list as verbally delivered to me:

  1. Source of Electricity, i.e. 110v house current separate from the engine
  2. Cooking – powered separate from the engine
  3. Toilet – with external evacuation
  4. Heat/AC – powered separate from engine
  5. Bed

Well this didn’t sound too difficult.
First, I already had a 4kw Generator. Just had to mount it in the bus.

Then, I purchased an Aroma AHP-312 Cast Iron/Die-Cast Metal Electric Hot Plate from Frys Electronics. I already had a small refrigerator and microwave that had been in use in the Tiny Home.

Sink, Hot Plate, Microwave, Fridge

I purchased and installed 2 6k btu window AC units from Home Depot, and an oil-filled electric radiator heater I have used for years at home.

Two Window A/C units

It was a straightforward effort to build a 3’x6′ bed with 4″ foam mattress. Then purchased a Portable Toilet with 5 gallon detachable collection tank from Bass Pro Shops.

Bed, Heater, and Toilet

Oh, yes. I removed all School-Bus-Specific equipment and signage, and gave it a paint job.

The Bus

Now, I thought I was ready! And off to the MVD I went.

Sadly, on my fourth visit, I discovered that the three other visits had been a waste of time.

Next time, I will tell you of my battle with the language of the All-Powerful Policy!