Moon, Mars, or LEO?

Many argue that we need to colonize the Moon first and then Mars.  Others offer that we should settle on Mars first.  And there are yet others who think the holy grail is in Earth orbit.  Then there are those… Continue Reading →

Mission, Colony, Settlement: What’s the difference?

NASA, our Military, and most government people refer to manned trips to space as “Missions” and locations for landings as “bases”.  Routinely, many space advocates talk of those same landings as “colonies”.  And more rarely, a small minority are looking… Continue Reading →


Never in the history of humanity have people been convinced to leave their homes based on logic, science, or law – it has always been a departure of desperation, and futility.  Settlers are people fed up with the way things… Continue Reading →

Entering The Wilderness

In the same way that we looked for someone to blame for recent astronauts deaths, the first tourist or settler to die in space could trigger a societal retraction that will doom any belief in our manifest destiny to explore… Continue Reading →


It is sad that human progression is often in the form of one step back and two steps forward. Foothold! The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines Foothold as: a position usable as a base for further advance. The moon represents such… Continue Reading →

Why Go To Space?

Why should we go to space? To redefine our identity; to live lives full of Purpose; and to build Hope for the future. Our sense of identity is being whittled away; Our sense of purpose is evaporating, and any hope… Continue Reading →

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