Legalities: The Final Battle

Last time, I detailed my efforts at attempting to prepare the bus for recognition by the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) as a Motor Home.  Now the final act. I spent the time to remove most unnecessary material from the… Continue Reading →

The Bus: Legalities

Governments can never keep up with the average guy who wants to modify his bike, car, motorcycle, house … or in my case school bus.  In point of fact, there doesn’t seem to be any legislation defining requirements that would… Continue Reading →

Economics, Law, and Politics of the Space Frontier

I found myself following a thread in a Yahoo group recently, whose topic “Multi-planetary species”, was rounding several points from UFO’s, to the probability of other space faring species, to the politics, and economics of the Outer Space Treaty.  The… Continue Reading →

These are NOT antiques

It’s fun to watch antiques roadshow occasionally and share in the discovery of some tiny item from the attic that is worth hundreds, or chuckle when that old lamp turns out to be a low end copy of a fancy… Continue Reading →

Grooming and Habits

Close quarters becomes problematic after just a few days.  And when water usage must be judicious, it can become challenging.  So I started to evaluate some of my habits, not just the time I take, but the amount of water… Continue Reading →

Adjusting to a Settlement Mind Set: Grooming

As we look forward to establishing settlements on the Moon, Mars, and other destinations, we need to strongly reevaluate the way we live. Not just how we handle our food, waste, and water, but we must consider the very habits… Continue Reading →

Spring Cleaning

I have had the misfortune to move myself and family many times throughout my life.  Sometimes across town, and sometimes across the country.  Each time there was the agonizing issue of going through our STUFF and deciding what things just… Continue Reading →

Preparing for the Space Settlement Lifestyle

As the construction of the Tiny Home Prototype neared completion, the idea struck me that I needed to make some changes to be able to live in this truly tiny space for any length of time.  The fact is, that… Continue Reading →

Water Purification

Clean, clear water.  How important that is.  So much so, that millions of people purchase bottled water on the premise that it is cleaner than the tap water in their own homes to drink.  When we think about building a… Continue Reading →


Never in the history of humanity have people been convinced to leave their homes based on logic, science, or law – it has always been a departure of desperation, and futility.  Settlers are people fed up with the way things… Continue Reading →

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