• Elon Musk of SpaceX presented a plan to send colonists to Mars on Sep 27, 2016 at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico. The presentation offered a plan to send thousands of colonists from Earth to Mars, in order to establish a self-sustaining city on Mars.

    In the video at 1:12:35 he said, "The goal of SpaceX is to build the transport system. It's like building the Union Pacific Railroad. And once that transport system is built, there's a tremendous opportunity for anyone who wants to go to Mars and create something new or build the foundations of a new planet. People will be able to go to the planet and build anything from iron refineries to the first pizza joint." Then, at 1:14:00 he said, that "Our goal is to just make sure you can get there."

    In otherwords, ITS will get us there, but WE have to be able to survive on our own when we get there.

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    Dr. Bill Wolverton, worked on NASA's BioHome for many years. He said "If man is to move into closed environments on Earth or in Space, he must take along nature's life support system."

    EarthSeed - Our mission is to build the methodology, and technology to survive, thrive, and grow beyond this Earth ... not only on Mars, but the Moon, and on destinations further out like Saturn's moon Titan, and Jupiter's moons Callisto, and Ganymede To accomplish this, we work to create a seed of life, a Biome that is a collection of species collaborating to survive as a whole, as we have done here on Earth.

    Our Future is Out There.   Come Sail with us ... Out There.

Early Research
Early Research
Working in the back yard, learning the basics of Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Composting, Water Recycling/Filtration, and Lighting. Realizing that individual systems require their own pumps, nutrient/waste processing, making these individual systems labor intensive, and expensive to maintain. But I began to integrate the systems, reducing hardware, allowing the systems to interact.
Tiny Home Integration Prototype
Tiny Home
Starting with a 4' x 8' utility trailer frame, I constructed a box trailer, with a 4' square slide out. With a grand total of 72 square feet of living space, it contained a 30 gallon fish pond, 8' of media garden, 8' of vertical cylinder garden, composting toilet, rain catch, and water purification.
The Bus
The Bus
An 84 passenger school bus is being converted to support a 300 gallon fish tank, 20 square feet of media garden, and 20 feet of vertical cylinder garden. We will be integrating all the lessons learned in the Integration Prototype in order to construct a fully operational Biome.
The Vision








Steam Generator



Air Rockets



Composting Toilet

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