It is sad that human progression is often in the form of one step back and two steps forward.


The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines Foothold as:

a position usable as a base for further advance.

The moon represents such a Foothold for man’s movement into outer space. Not Mars, not asteroids, only the moon.

NASA’s Apollo captured the hearts and minds of people in every country for nearly a decade. That is, until the news became repetitive. We, the public, are fickle; our attention span is like that of a butterfly. A multi-year mission to mars as our foothold is doomed as a PR disaster. A Lunar mission, on the other hand, to create a colony is but three days from earth, and as such, offers a PR dream. New experiences, news of their challenges, and failures will dominate the media if given the opportunity.

Such public relations successes, if tied to real colonization news, will reap Apollo style enthusiasm and followers. Among a public jaded by government waste and excessive cost overruns, these followers will flock to embrace a program that includes, and requires their input and participation.

Space groups have sought for years to encourage the public’s involvement through educational outreach. As citizens, we are tired of non-profit outreach that goes nowhere, and NASA programs that spend ungodly amounts of money on projects with no hope of including us citizens.

With that in mind, we believe it is time for a new approach. It is time for a company that will involve the private citizen in a program of determined progress towards the settlement and commercialization of space, the moon, mars, and beyond.

Apollo offered us empty promises. EarthSeed offers opportunity. The opportunity to be involved in a myriad of ways in the reach for the moon. Come and learn how we are involving local citizens in the development of real, hands-on technologies that have a possibility of being used to generate effective results in space, and on the moon. Where NASA has taken day trips at our expense, and the space groups have given lip service, we offer action! Action that you, and we can take together to realize the dream of space travel, settlement, and of living on another planet – IN YOUR LIFETIME!