EarthSeedLogo3EarthSeed is the first comprehensive vision for Space Settlement encompasing six (6) destinations and how to get there. Not with two or four astronauts, but putting 3000 people living and working off-Earth by the 2030’s! The vision based on actual ships, and companies currently building and launching components for space.

Most of the hi-tech is already in place. Even most of the lo-tech is ready for implementation. This vision is not your round-trip $5 billion dollar publicity stunt, or an incomplete idea … but a fully formed plan for aggressively establishing human settlements across six (6) separate destinations in our solar system!

You could go!

It took five years to research the history, companies, high-technology, and low-technology that could work together to provide the Seed method of planting human biospheres on other celestial bodies.

History – We look at migrations of the past, how and why they happened, and more importantly how our current times are so similar to those, that we dare not ignore the lessons.

Companies – Non-profits, Government agencies, and corporations have all been part of the “Space Community” for 40 years, but few have actually made realistic progress towards the needs of large scale human spaceflight. Not to mention few have looked at what will make self-sustainable, human settlement in space actually thrive without supplies from earth.

High-Tech – Technology for space up till now has been the gleaming, clean-room constructed, sterile, engineered solutions that cost millions of dollars to develop, and decades to see the light of day. But many of these solutions are over-engineered!

Low-Tech – Nature offers solutions, that are remarkably versatile, resilient, and incredibly cost effective for building a space faring infrastructure in a very short time!

Destinations – Then there are no less than six viable destinations available to us in just the next 15 years using the EarthSeed process of colonization. These destinations are obtainable with current technology, current rockets, and real people allowed and encouraged to go.  They will not be easy, and living conditions will not be the sterile, cramped, metal tin cans of prior decades.  These are Frontier destinations, we must set our expectations accordingly.

The Others – Mars One, Mars Insipiration, Mars Drive, and Mars Direct are all impressive visions at first, but each rely on government money which has all but dried up, almost as quickly as the luster on each of these visions.

StandingCoverRead the book, and embrace the vision of our people settling the solar system in the coming years.

Follow this website for the latest updates on our efforts to jumpstart the human migration we have all imagined in books, movies, stories, and news since we were all kids. EarthSeed is not your garden variety space advocacy, or croud-sourced vision.

  • EarthSeed has already created a mobile technology demonstration that will begin touring in the summer of 2015!
  • Negotiations are already underway with organizations for support programs and training tools for our youth to further grow the team and get to space!ision

In the coming months we will be initializing the processes and projects that will move us forward to the Solar System, and later, the stars!