After some unexpected suggestions from a friend to evaluate the “Policy Requirements” as a “Minimum Set” rather than “Finished set” of conditions, I realized that I might have the opportunity to make some progress.

So, lets look at these:

First is the requirement of a vehicle having seating for 14 or more being automatically considered a Commercial vehicle.  This is easily attained by the removal of enough seats to reduce it to the maximum of 12 adults or less.

Second, A 110-125 v power supply separate from the vehicle engine. I had already considered this and own a 4k gas generator.  And used it a few times inside to provide lighting and power for tools. It was a straightforward manner to construct a shelf under the floor, just behind the entry door, and cut a “door”.  Now installed, I have satisfied the power requirement.

Next, Heat an/or A/C powered separately from the engine power.  As the heat here in Phoenix moves above 110 degrees, a Window A/c unit was a necessary.  I purchased not one, but two 6k btu window units that are now installed on the driver’s side.  It is a bit rough, but serviceable.  And best yet … They stick out about the same distance as the exterior rear-view mirror!  Woo-hoo!

Next up was actually a little easier:  Cooking appliance.  An internet search turned up a two burner hot plate available from Fry’s Electronics.  It is an electric, counter top appliance, so installation is a breeze!

The next item is to install a “Toilet with exterior evacuation“.  Hmmm.  A local outdoor supply had a 5 gallon tank RV/camping toilet.  The good thing is that the seat, flush valve, fill valve are detachable from the tank.  This allows the detachment of the tank for dumping outside – without having to contact the contents.  Just have to figure out how to secure the thin plastic unit to the floor.

Finally, A potable water supply system, i.e. plumbing.  I was assuming a full plumbing system.  However, If I place a tank, and a pump, and a single faucet in the kitchen area beside the hot plate, I can minimally satisfy this condition.  I have a sink, I have a small tank and hoses … I just have to acquire the “demand pump” from an RV store.

Oh, yea, they want a bed installed.  No problem there, as I had already constructed the Murphy Bed in the trailer … Just had to build a new frame, and place the original mattress.

It is Monday the 19 of June.  The 30-day tag expires on the 23.  I have the day off for family needs, so I can then complete these tasks today, and if Providence is with me, complete the Emmissions inspection, and Motor Home inspection satisfactorily, and obtain the new title, registration, and finally insurance.

Wish me Luck!