This past couple weeks have been spent preparing to paint the exterior of the bus.  First because I cannot operate a school bus … requires a special license, insurance, and safety equipment.  Not to mention, I have NOOO practice.  So, I’ll just get all the preparation done, take it one step at a time.

So.  What color, you ask? I’m thinking of basic gloss black.  Then we’ll add the logos.  Since the whole thing is about space anyway!

Paint Prep

Anyhoo, so the first task is to tape up the important stuff, like driving windows, and lights.  Also to remove anything that we don’t want to have to carry forward, like the swing out stop sign, extra mirrors.  Since you ask, yes, I’ll be painting it myself.  I’m talking to the owners of the property to schedule a time when all the cars can be moved to a safe distance.

Pulling Stickers

Also, removing the various stickers.  Those are H-A-R-D to get off!  It took nearly two hours of painstaking care.

Finally, at the end of the day, she looked a lot cleaner, almost like taking a shower before bed.  Now it’s my turn, good night.