The ships of Space Settlement cannot be the one-off craft of the likes of SLS, the ISS, or Apollo, but rather craft designed from the start to be 1) reused, 2) capable of being refueled and restocked, then lifting off again.  They must be flexible craft able to be pushed into service for multiple tasks — cargo, personnell – astronauts, tourists, and settlers.

Lunar Ships

Our lunar ships are basic Earth to Orbit – or Earth to Moon craft.  Designed to carry personell and cargo to orbit or the Moon.  They are, for the most part already existing, and ready to be ordered into service.

Mars and Outward Bound Ships

These ships are constructed from salvaged components used for other purposes, and now pressed into long term service, in a way, not unlike the process a car goes through when being sold as “gently used”.  A handful of components will be purposebuilt, but the greater bulk of these Outward Bound ships will be driven to Lunar Orbit where they will be assembled into ship that will carry settlers beyond CIS-Lunar space.