Tiny Home

Storage, and the interior

Adding a Storage/Utility Shed I realized that I would need a place to store tools, supplies, and to bring my “utilities” into the trailer.  This would include the electric service, and water capture to be added later. The area was… Continue Reading →

Exterior Add-ons

At the front of the box, is a platform I had constructed for the housing of the electrical panel, a generator, tools, and other storage as necessary.  In the first picture, you can see I was using it for my… Continue Reading →

Sealings and Weather Coating

With the exterior sheathing on, it’s time to add a door, and begin sealing the wood for the weather. First, sealing the joints.  I used an asphalt impregnated tape for all the seams.  It is tedious work, but the benefit… Continue Reading →

Main Walls

A first issue was that I didn’t know just how tall to make the roof line.  Even if I measured and calculated for the slide-out, I hadn’t thought far enough ahead to factor a pitch, or curve to let rain… Continue Reading →

Slide-Out Sheathing

With the framing figured out, and adjusted, getting the cuts right and screwed into position was tedius, but worth it.  The framework is solid, light, and the slide-out still slides! Now, the thin plywood panels will be cut and fitted… Continue Reading →

Wall Framing

Last time I finished the foundation.  The 6 x 12 platform with the slide-out. But in doing so, I realized I needed to rethink the braces for the side extension 1×12 planking.  I had purchased metal brackets, and discovered after… Continue Reading →


As I have been working on the trailer, I have also been researching tips and techniques for building tiny homes.  One of the challenges I face with the 4 x 8 base frame is a VERY limited living space.  So… Continue Reading →

Filling the Frame

With the trailer disassembled to its core, I had to decide the order of construction.  As the trailer is to be a demonstrator of permaculture, composting, and solar energy, the integration of each component was paramount – especially with the… Continue Reading →

Out with the old …

After many weeks, I decided (by default and budget) to strip down my now 20 year old utility/box trailer as the base for my tiny home.  Originally, I wanted to purchase a new box trailer, and then modify it.  But,… Continue Reading →

The Tiny Home

My efforts at building an Aquaponics system have grown over the years, now I am looking at full blown Life Support.  This will blend my interests in self-sufficiency with those of space settlement.  And … it is a natural progression… Continue Reading →

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