Governments can never keep up with the average guy who wants to modify his bike, car, motorcycle, house … or in my case school bus.  In point of fact, there doesn’t seem to be any legislation defining requirements that would govern a conversion from school bus to RV.  On the surface this wouldn’t seem to be an issue, depending on the modifications.

In the course of the sale of a vehicle, there is the transfer of title, and usually the issuance of license plates.  But there doesn’t seem to be any legislation to cover my situation.  None, nada, zip.  After multiple conversations with the DMV here in Arizona, I was finally informed that they could do the title transfer (woo hoo!) and issue a 30-day tag.  This was intended to allow me time to complete minimum mods, and take the bus in for an inspection.

Well, with the title, and temp tags, it will satisfy the city, and allow the bus to reside in its parking spot for now …. I hope.


The inspection I mentioned above is required in order to convert the vehicle from a commercial passenger to a private RV.

there is a “Policy”.  Generally, this policy requires:

  1. A 110-125 v power supply separate from the vehicle engine.
  2. A potable water supply system, i.e. plumbing.
  3. A toilet
  4. Cooking appliance
  5. Heat an/or A/C powered separately from the engine power

Sadly, I will be unable to complete the modifications before the 30 days are done.  However, I am still eligible to acquire a 3 day tag to go get the inspection when I am ready.

Minor victory.