It’s fun to watch antiques roadshow occasionally and share in the discovery of some tiny item from the attic that is worth hundreds, or chuckle when that old lamp turns out to be a low end copy of a fancy one.  But viewing the many treasures in the house … the “secretary” a desk-like piece of furniture held over from the days when people used paper and pencil to write with, and sent them to each other in paper-mail!  Oh, the antiquity of it all!!!

Still, what do I really need to take with me.  Not furniture.  Nope, nada, none.  Except that a couple folding chairs, and a couple folding tables for the shows will have value.  Everything else … couches, chairs, dinettes, tables, lamps … it’s all gotta go.  This wasn’t so hard.  As a bachelor, most of it had come from thrift stores anyway, and I hadn’t had if for long.

Well, the place is starting to look like when I moved in … empty.  It seems HUGE without the furniture.  Oh, yeah, now there’s an echo, so I practice speaking softly, turning the tv/music down a notch or two.

Then I think about the cramped quarters on a settlement.  Playing music, watching tv or movie … We’re going to need to be more considerate of our settlement companions.  They may be trying to watch or listen to their own.  If my many roommates over the years are any indication, this could be a major problem!  Not to mention, there’s no room for that 4-channel receiver, 4′ speakers, 32″ tv in the tiny home.  Guess I’m getting more committed to my laptop and netflix!

I was able to find homes for the furniture, and media gear, traumatic as it was.  The house is getting quieter every installment.

As I prepared dinner one night, I began to think about my menu.  I tend to stick to the same 14-20 favorite/easy dishes for lunch and dinner.  It keeps things easy, and quick … most of the time.  So I dived into the kitchen, starting with the fridge.

Eeeewwwwww.  that bottom shelf, back wall.  No clue what was in that bowl – not even going to look.  And that’s where I lost the cheese … in the cheese/butter shelf.  Too moldy for now.

NOTE:  Closed compartments are not allowed inside the fridge in space.  If you can’t see it, it don’t get used.

Well, there wasn’t much in there to begin with, but now, every thing fits on the top shelf.  I’m not really sure if that’s a good thing.  Well, on to the cabinets and drawers.

But wait … why do I have 7 different saucepans?  4 frying pans?  three hand-can-openers, 1 electric – doesn’t work.  WOW.  So my first effort was to trim multiples down to one.  Tossed the leftovers into a box.  And since I do not entertain, I only need a place setting for 4 (sometimes it takes a while to get around to washing dishes.)

When was the last time you looked under YOUR KITCHEN SINK?  Hmmmmmm. What long, lost galaxies are hiding buried under all those plastic bags, 4 cans of comet, box of rusted scouring pads (forgot those when I started using green scrubbies).  Oh, and that old furniture polish from 20 years ago.  Then the bleach, 4 varieties of drain chemicals, pesticides, … why, it’s a freaking chem lab under there!

With every unused item gone, and cabinets cleared, it left a lot of room in the kitchen — A LOT.

But leaves me with a disturbing thought.  How easy it was to forget having the chemicals, or cheese, or those pots.  For the most part, life wasn’t too adversely affected by their presence, even if I wasn’t aware of them.  Course, if there were pets, or children in the house …. now that could be a problem.

In a space settlement we won’t have the luxury of a grocery store nearby to pick up a new can of comet when a tough cleaning job comes up.  We’ll have to remember the value of a good green scrubbie, elbow-grease, and nature’s solvent:  water!

Next Time.