Close quarters becomes problematic after just a few days.  And when water usage must be judicious, it can become challenging.  So I started to evaluate some of my habits, not just the time I take, but the amount of water I use, and soaps.  Even my methodology for washing, toweling off, and my penchant for laying things … and clothes, where I take them off.

In the tiny home, and a settlement, space will be at a premium, so everything will likely have a very specific place.  Not just to save space, but so others can find it and use it. Many things, like tools, kitchen utensils, even place settings are likely to be shared.  Even the old roomie rules of sharing the dish washing is insufficient to handle the challenges of living close quarters with others.

As I explore this thread, some observations will seem obvious, and others not so.  Stay tuned and we can explore it together.