Why should we go to space? To redefine our identity; to live lives full of Purpose; and to build Hope for the future.

Our sense of identity is being whittled away; Our sense of purpose is evaporating, and any hope we had for a future is drowning in corporate greed.

We are Humans: we live, love, and laugh; we yearn to be challenged, and to overcome.

— Identity —

I used to believe that I was an American. But Our nation’s identity is being pulled asunder by special interest groups using the courts to assert individual interests and values upon us all. In this drive to assert individual freedoms, we are retreating into the pigeon-holes of the Brave New World of information. To be an American today, is to be persecuted in our own country.

America was built by people struggling to define who they were, in order to achieve the goals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our forefathers understood that to assure the rights of the individual, we must protect the rights of the majority. Space will allow us to rediscover our identity:

We are Humans, Homo Sapiens – curious, competitive, arrogant, and willing to carve out a life in the harshest wilderness we find ourselves in.

— Purpose —

For two hundred years this nation’s purpose seemed to be to challenge every frontier, boundary, or unknown; to aspire to the un-achievable. We were the ones bold enough, and arrogant enough to believe we could succeed, when everyone else was ready to sit back and believe it was impossible, accepting the status-quo.

But, no more. Corporations and policians rape the treasuries; the courts continue to ignore the rights of the whole to satisfy the whims of a few, and our wonderful technology has begun to fail us as map and gps accuracies are in decline; the glut of data on the internet is proliferating lies and innuendo faster than the facts and truth – we are becoming slaves to our cell phones and the internet.  Even the banks have lost control to their computer policies, being unable to provide reasonable customer service because the computer-policy forbids corrective action.

We are Humans, Homo Sapiens – push us into a corner, and we WILL come out fighting. Space affords us all the room we need to define, assert, and freely live the lives we all yearn for.

— Hope —

There was a time a person could take an idea, develop it, market it, and enjoy the fruits of their own efforts. Our nation defined the American Dream: that ability – and opportunity to live your life, to grow, and to provide a future for those who would follow you. Our nation was built on the sweat, hard work, and lives of people who believed in the future.

Today, Corporations and Politicians work ever more dilligently to liberate us from what little is left of our earnings in order to pad their own mulit-million dollar wallets. They rape the treasuries supposedly set aside to provide for our safety, assistance, and retirement. We continue to see worthwhile programs, projects and even necessities as casualties of this raping of America. What hope can there be in a future of increasing taxes, less effective wages, and now diminishing opportunities for honest work?  Where even the expectation of “honest work” is dropping out of sight.

Our future is out there, in space. It used to be said that there were endless opportunities in the wilderness of the new world, then, those opportunities appeared out in the american west. Today, those opportunities are in the wilderness of space. A frontier so vast, that we could start to cross it and never reach its end.

We are Humans, Homo Sapiens. We are explorers, frontier people never happy unless we are on the edge of the abyss. It is long past time that we left the nest of our world and built our hope on a future of unending opportunity.