Wall Coverings
20150221_164639With the counters, shelves, and murphy bed frame in place, It was time to place the wall covering.  I used a roll of indoor-outdoor carpeting that was stapled to the studs, followed by trim pieces to give it a finished look.

20150411_152533With the front section covered, I could now put my attention towards finishing the bed.  With the mattress in place, I could test the folding up and down.  There will be finishing touches to take care of,  but for now, I can move on.


20150429_202925Next up, is to install the carpeting, but to do that, I must get the fish pond cover in place.  Piano hinge for the 20150429_202834cover, then lay down the carpet.


Next Time, we’ll move on, taking time to continue work on the slide-out; the Garden/Shower/Bathroom area.